What is Arkadios Studios?

Arkadios Studios is an online service that promotes self improvement and stress relief through hypnosis, meditation, spiritual education, and energy work. We also sell crystals and partner with local businesses for promotional events.

Behind the Brand

Amber is a certified hypnotist, meditation teacher, and energy worker with a gentle, reassuring approach. She combines visualizations, meditation, NLP, yoga, meditation, and storytelling to help her clients achieve their goals. Amber is trained in age regression, goal image focusing, anesthesia management, and systematic desensitization. She specializes in spiritual education, meditation, and multiple energy work modalities to help clients live a better life.

Partner With Arkadios Studios

Popup Crystal Shop: Partner With Arkadios Studios for a Promotional Sales Event
A one-day promotional event with discounts, creative offers, and a crystal vendor can boost your profits and gain you some happy new customers. We provide digital marketing as part of our partnership.
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Workshops: Offer a One or Two Day Workshop at Your Business or Venue
One-day classes starting at two hours per lesson. The partnering business gets a cut of the ticket sales. Available within the West TN/North AL area or via Zoom.
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Guest Content: Book Amber as a Guest Blogger or Speaker
Amber can write guest articles on a wide variety of metaphysical or spiritual subjects. She can speak as a guest teacher on subjects such as hypnosis, energy, meditation, crystals, or yoga.
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