Pop Up Crystal Shop

Well hey there! Arkadios Studios has some cool services, but did you know we have a traveling crystal shop? You can find us rambling around West Tennessee  selling crystals at festivals and events throughout the year.



Popup Crystal Shop in West Tennessee

Welcome to Arkadios Studios popup crystal shop, where we proudly specialize in an extensive variety of rough stones, perfect for tumbling or enhancing your meditation practice.

Each carefully handpicked crystal and gemstone in our collection carries its own unique energy, inviting visitors from all backgrounds to explore their potential for transformation and inner growth. Step into our magical world and discover the raw beauty that our rough stones have to offer.


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Arkadios Studios features a huge selection of 80+ types of rough crystals that are perfect for tumbling, meditation, grids, art, or energy work. Browse over 3k stickers, all lovingly chosen for your magic, cottagecore, punk, or goth aesthetic. While you’re there, chat it up with Amber about consciousness, meditation, sound healing, and energy work.

Create a Buzz With a Popup Crystal Shop Event!

Attract customers and increase foot traffic to your business with our vibrant and eye-catching popup crystal shop. Let your customers indulge in the wonder of crystals while enjoying an unique shopping experience. For business inquiries, contact us here.