Frequency Tuning

What Is Frequency Tuning?

Frequency Tuning Forks are a form of energy work used to promote balance and wellbeing. They are vibrational frequency instruments that use sound waves to create harmonic frequencies within the body. This helps to restore energetic balance, reduce stress, and open up blocked pathways in the body.

How Frequency Tuning Works

Balancing our energy system with frequency tuning forks is done through a process known as sympathetic resonance or entrainment. This type of resonance occurs when two objects vibrate together at similar frequencies and create an alignment between their energies.

By using specifically tuned tuning forks, practitioners can introduce faster and slower rhythms which will bring order back into chaotic rhythms within our bodies resulting in improved overall health and wellbeing and reducing stress levels. 

What to Expect

Frequency tuning sessions involve gently placing tuned frequency tuning forks on strategic points of your body. This can help align the frequency of your body with the frequency of the tuning forks, allowing your body to recalibrate itself and achieve a more balanced state.

During a frequency tuning session, you can expect a quiet and private setting where you will be able to relax and let go of stress or tension that you may be carrying. The frequency tuning forks will be used to create a harmonic frequency that can activate healing energy within the body and promote relaxation.

Frequency tuning will be available in first quarter 2023.