Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Baths in West Tennessee

Draw a crowd to your business or event with a certified sound practitioner. Amber uses crystal singing bowls and other instruments to bring listeners to a state of focus and relaxation

I’m a certified crystal singing bowl sound practitioner.

Book a Sound Bath for Your Business or Event

All your questions answered, in one place. Probably. If you have any further questions, include them in the form. You can also text me at 205-498-2588 for a quick answer.

Minimum of 10 people required. Must RSVP at $10 each. Allow 20 minutes for setup before the event.

If travel is more than 40 minutes, there is a travel fee, up to a 70 mile radius from Savannah, TN. Travel fees vary from $30 - $50.

My setup will take up 5' x 5''. I recommend a space that's at least 20' x 20'. That can accommodate 10 people on yoga mats with 2ft spaces between them.

If you need help estimating how many people you can fit in your space, send me the dimensions of your room and I'll help you out.

Encourage your attendees to bring their own yoga mat (or something soft to lie down on), a pillow, and a throw blanket.

There may be one or two people who will request a chair for health reasons. Please do your best to accommodate them with a chair that

You are responsible for RSVPing attendees. Let me know how you want people to contact you (phone, in person, email, social media message, etc.), so I can include that in marketing materials for your event.

I will create a promotional social media post and Facebook event cover image at no cost to you.

If you want to run a local targeted ad on social media, I can do that for an additional fee.